Who I am…

Ready to dream, to fly, to explore new ways, to zoom them in from different angles, to put them in the same pocket, to the dreams and everyday life, to take them into movements, among risk and poetry, tension and content, danger and freedom and make them reality.

Freelancer/ physical performer

I Studied acting at the Universidad del Valle in Cali Colombia. In 2005 started my research in Contemporary Dance. In 2009- 2013 began my research in circus at the circus school Circo Para Todos in Colombia and specialized in Tight wire and Cyr wheel. From 2007 to 2015 parnered as a dancer in the Colombian company Ázoe Danza directed by Adriana Miranda, where made part of different projects as the collaboration with the company “Gallotta” in the choreography “Blik” and “Kill me but wait for me” directed by Redha Benteifour. In 2018 I got my diploma as Master in Physical Theatre from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland. I have been interested in pedagogy since 2015, and I started to give various courses. Up now some of them have been in the field of: theatre, dance, acrobatics and circus techniques. I have been associated as teacher in such a schools as the ballet school INCOLBALLET (Instituto Colombiano de Ballet), university ICESI (both in Colombia), and the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland. Since 2018 I work in an own artistic project named as RadSam, where I`m researching in mixing dance-circus-theatre for performative purposes. At the moment I am a teacher collaborator from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland.

Artistic experience


Waira. Circus/dance/theatre performance. Duet. Directed by Robert Díaz Díaz. (2019).

Push me out. Circus/dance/theatre number. Directed by Robert Díaz Díaz. (2018).              

Click. Circus/dance/theatre number. Directed by Robert Díaz. (2018).

Belonging to no one. Created and performed by Robert A. Díaz (2017).


Insomnia. Direction: Pavel Stourak. (2016)
Black el Payaso. Opereta. Direction: Tomasz Golka. (2014)
Entre Pasos. (Circo). Direction: Renato Rocha. (2014)
Muros de Cristal. Direction: Adriana Miranda Cortés. (2013)
Kill me but wait for me. Direction: Redha Beintifour. (2013)
Recordando A Bosé. Beca de Creación de la Vicerrectoría de Investigaciones de la Universidad del Valle. Autor: Orlando Mejía Rivera. Direction: Douglas Salomón. (2011)
Infiernos Paralelos. Direction: Adriana Miranda Cortés. (2009)
Blick “Proyecto con la compañía French Gallota” Direction: Jean Claude Gallotta. (2009)
El sueño de cascarrón. Grupo de teatro del taller de Anik. Autor: Creación colectiva. (2009)
Popol Vuh. Libro sagrado de los Mayas. Direction: Gabriel Uribe. (2009)
El Público. Autor: Federico García Lorca. Direction: Gabriel Uribe. (2009)
El Cazador Solitario. Direction: Adriana Miranda Cortés. (2008 – 2009)
San Lucas (adaptación de la obra Pluto). Direction: Jhonny Muñoz. (2008)
Es mi hombre. Autor: Carlos Arniches. Direction: Gabriel Uribe. (2008)
Kalix. Direction: Adriana Miranda Cortés. (2007)
El jardín de los cerezos. Autor: Antón Chejov. Direction: Douglas Salomón. (2007)
Puntos Cardinales. Direction: Adriana Miranda Cortés. (2006)
Alter Ego. Direction: Adriana Miranda Cortés. (2005)


-Skandalos Festival. Hamburg. (2019).                                                                                                  -Teatro sotto le stelle. Verscio, Switzerland. (2019).                                                                           -Festival Artisti di Strada. Ascona, Switzerland. (2019).                                               -Scollinando. Verscio, Switzerland. (2019). -Venice open stage, Italy (2016)
-FACT festival, Budapest (2016)
-Katapult festival. Thun, Switzerland (2016)
-Festival Internacional de Circo de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2013)
-Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas del Gran Caribe, Cartagena (2011)
-X Festival Internacional de la Poesia (2010)
-Festival internacional de Ballet (2009, 2011)
-Festival de Arte de Cali (2009)
-Festival de Teatro de Cali (2009)
-Festival de Danza Contemporánea “Impulsos” de Bogotá (2009)
-Festival de Danza Contemporánea Caliendanza (2007, 2009)
-9° Festival Internacional de Artes de Armenia (2007)


– (2016- ) Teacher of Dance and Physical Trainer at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. Verscio, Switzerland. Supervisor: Corinna Vitale.
– (2015) Physical trainer, Ínergy Pilates,  Bogotá-Colombia. Supervisor: Viky Piedraita.
– (2014 – 2015) Physical trainer–Pilates, Barre y TRX-. Pilates Pro Works, Bogotá-Colombia. Supervisor: Sandra Gonzales.
– (2014-2015). Teacher of Contemporary Dance. Academy Petipa, Bogotá- Colombia. Supervisor: Mónica Gallego.
– (2012- 2014). Teacher of Contemporary Dance. Sanfordance, Cali-Colombia. Supervisor: Myriam Suarez.
– (2012 – 2013) Teacher of acrobatics. Incolballet, Cali-Colombia. Supervisor: Luz Stella Millan Gonzalez.
– (2013) Teacher of Theatre. University ICESI, Cali-Colombia. Supervisor: Pablo Roa.
– (2011- 2014). Teacher of Contemporary Dance. Dance Academy Ázoe Danza, Cali-Colombia. Supervisor: Adriana Miranda.
– (2005 – 2006) Teacher of Theatre and Corporal Expression. School Liceo Ecce Homo Jamundí-Colombia. Supervisor: Mélida Gonzáles.
– (2006 – 2009) Tallerista de expresión corporal y técnicas circenses. Festival de Verano, Fundación Taller de Anik, Cali-Colombia. Supervisor: Anik López Michaud.



“The poetic Violence/Action” by Robert Díaz Díaz

A concept of theatre.  Nowadays, to say that you are doing theatre, doesn’t really say much about what you actually do; perhaps, owed to the fact that the so-called borders between the performing arts have, with time, allowed for ever more and more influence one to another. Thus, before daring to attempt a description of …

Torna in Ticino lo spettacolo INSOMNIA.

INSOMNIA Produzione della Accademia Teatro Dimitri e Divadlo Continuo Theatre. Il collettivo INSOMNIA fondato il Svizzera unisce sette attori provenienti da sei stati e trecontinenti diversi, tutti con differenti background, come circo, storytelling, teatro classico, giocoleria, clown e danza. Regia: Pavel Stourac, 1969, Repubblica Ceca Con: Santiago Bello, Robert Díaz Diaz, Annette Fiaschi, Alessandra Francolini, …


People who are practiced in collaboration will do better than those who insist on their individuality.

Twyla Tharp.

SIMORGH – The Journey of a Bird

Adapted from the Persian poem Conference of the birds by Farid ud-Din Attar. With Mirjami Heikkinen with Mikko Perkola and Helena. To know more about the performance, click here.



A show based on the fairytale Domovoi, written by Irina Bogashova-Kotova. With Igor Mamlenkov. More about Domovoi, click here .