“Every rule is being played with and  even the laws of physics no longer seem impossible to overcome.” Tea de Lotto


Seven young artists that live in a loft in the industrial district of a city and are searching for a job. They share the space, food and their ideas about life and art. They dream of a better world and of revolutionizing their art -about creating an unforgettable show that will bring them glory – or at least earn them enough money to be able to pay the rent. But they doubt the meaning of art itself, they doubt themselves, they struggle between the philosophical ideal and the tough reality. This fascinating physical theatre experiment questions the anxieties of young artists and young people in general who have to face the professional world. And thus, another sleepless night is about to begin…



Insomnia was directed by Pavel Stourac. The final result (characters, situations, costumes and music) is the product of an intense work of the whole ensemble. Insomnia is a theatrical performance that combines puppetry, physical theatre, clown, juggling and live music arranged and performed by the artists themselves, whose need to be creative makes them overcome all difficulties. The spectacle is based on poems and texts by authors, directors and choreographers of the last century such as Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowsky, Rudolf Laban, Edward Gordon Craig and others. Insomnia was created in 2016 as a collective Master piece at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio (CH). After various performances in Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and Czech Republic, the collective feels the need to perform this piece further.




Pavel Stourac, 1969, Czech Republic. Pavel Stourac is a theatre director, stage designer, teacher and the artistic director and cofounder of the Czech Continuo Theatre. His work covers a large range of expressive art forms. He combines object and puppet work with physical theatre, dance, clownery, street theatre or new circus; many theatre projects have also been seen in non-theatrical locations, such as old factories, industrial areas, landscapes, or trains. His creative work has been awarded in many theatre festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. Since 2009, he has been teaching at Accademia Teatro Dimitri and other universities and theatre academies across Europe.


The Collective INSOMNIA

The Swiss based international collective Insomnia brings together seven performers from six countries and three continents, all from different artistic backgrounds (circus, storytelling, drama, juggling, clown and dance). The aim of the group is to research and discover a theatrical language without artistic boundaries that crosses cultural borders. Our collective was founded during the Master program at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, an academy of physical theatre in the south of Switzerland. The group is constantly evolving and developing its own physical vocabulary somewhere between circus, dance and theatre. Since the premiere in June 2016 the piece has delighted different audiences across Europe.