Belonging to no one

“A body with several faces wandering in a frozen time.”
A solo piece of Physical Theatre and New Circus

Created and performed by: Robert Díaz Díaz 
External eye: Matej Matejka.
Supported by Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Duration: 40’

From poetry to poetic action.

“Belonging to no one” is inspired by the book of poems “Conversation in the dark” (Conversación a oscuras) written by the Colombian writer Horacio Benavides. On one hand, it is an echo of what a war leaves behind it and on the other hand, it is an echo of indifference to a war; when a war becomes quotidian and it frustrates dreams, but also, when indifference is supported by the media and allows you to continue dreaming even when surrounded by death. Even when you are dead. A scream of silence.

The war from a Colombian point of view

With “Belonging to no one” as a Colombian actor and circus artist, I feel quite strong connection between the relative “danger” we live in our art and the danger of living the war in Colombia. In both cases we are somehow cohabiting on the borders. Unconsciously it makes us more aware of our present because our basic needs are constantly in game. However, people try to live in the environment they learnt to love.
The piece approaches different ways how war, by means of some poems, takes input to become physical poetry on stage. The borders between theatre, dance, music and circus are broken to share the same stage universe. It is the possibility to embody kidnapping, forced displacement and death conflicts through the body. The body that is moved from the home it belongs: the captive body, the mutilated body and its frustrated dreams. Could we find a redemption?


When I watch interviews or read memories of our internal war in Colombia, it gives me the sensation that it is an abruption of the whole population. As consequence, in the piece there are different stories which are mixed and organized in a way in which the spectator might create in his mind the story of one main figure in this war. This main figure can just be Colombia as a collective figure, who reflects as a karma all those who have been involved in such a conflict. That is the way how I, as a Colombian, can rebuild the past of my country and one of the most meaningful event our history.


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Technical needs (pdf): 

Light plot | Belonging to no one 1

Light plot | Belonging to no one 2

Technical requirements