“The poetic Violence/Action” by Robert Díaz Díaz

A concept of theatre.

Nowadays, to say that you are doing theatre, doesn’t really say much about what you actually do; perhaps, owed to the fact that the so-called borders between the performing arts have, with time, allowed for ever more and more influence one to another. Thus, before daring to attempt a description of a specific work, I see that it is important, first, to give an introduction into precisely what kind of theatre I am delving in to.
In my conception of theatre, I am interested in a mixture of diverse modes of performative arts, such as: various types of dance, circus techniques, music with conventional and unconventional musical instruments — in addition to highly physical activities such as the street sports of parkour or of skateboarding. This approach to the theatre mostly finds its vocal expression by the playing of non traditional texts, which might be, for example, a collage of texts found as an inspiration, or perhaps a myriad of other elements where it is possible to find the topic in which I might begin working. Truly, it is a sort of a mish-mash where the various elements are organized to vibrate in a sort of a polyphonic melody: composing that same universe to be shared in a theatrical yet not entirely unconventional way. I do not necessarily create the stories myself, but rather simply mark the sensation of them as they pass through, allowing me to fulfill the desire to share the emotional experience with the spectator. It is a spectacle which, more than to be understood, wants to be felt. It is not for the intellect; but for the senses.
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