Trailer from the piece “Belonging to no one” created and performed by Robert Díaz Díaz

The Showreel you might have seen already in the home page. It’s coming a new one soon!

This happened in a tour with a beautiful group from Slovakia and Czech Republic. We visited six cities with a huge crew of artists.

The following video is an abstract of a choreography I directed in 2018 with the first year of the Bachelors in Physical Theatre from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. One month of work from lessons to creation for an interesting challenge with the best results. Most of the students where even for their first time confronted with a choreographic work in dance and acrobatics. We worked here mixing contemporary dance, acrobatics and rhythm.

Abstract from the dance piece called “El cazador Solitario”. (2008-2009) Company Ázoe Danza.

“Blick” is a pice created by Jean Claude Gallotta. In 2009 the company Ázoe Danza collaborated to make one of their versions.

Abstract from the dance choreography call “Kill me but wait for me” directed by Redha Beintifour (2013).