SIMORGH – The journey of a bird


With Mirjami Heikkinen

 Consider carefully before you start;

The journey asks of you a lion’s heart. 

The road is long, the sea is deep 

Beyond a mountain peak live…

 …the Simorgh. 


A child, living alone in an empty house, constantly encountering her inner demons. She asks for help from the birds and starts a journey through seven valleys to the mountains, to find Simorgh – a mythical bird that can heal her and take away all her pain. 

SIMORGH – the Journey of a Bird is a performance about travelling through time and space, through fears, desires and dreams, through the vulnerability and enormous power that lies within each of us. This intimate and compelling piece combines physical theatre, recitation of text, and music. The performance is loosely adapted from a Persian poem Conference of the birds by Farid ud-Din Attar. 

Concept and performance: Mirjami Heikkinen with Mikko Perkola and Helena Romppanen

Lighting design: Christoph Siegenthaler

External eyes: Stefanie Bolzli, Robert Díaz Díaz, Gabriele Goria

Premiered in June 2018 in Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, (CH).