Hi there! If you got till here it means that we would be getting in touch, probably soon… I’m happy about that!

Here you will find a couple of different workshops which I, as artist and educator have been developing through the time.

The urgency to move.

Contemporary Acro-dance and Physical Theatre workshop.

This workshop combines elements from contemporary acro-dance and physical theatre to offer a space to research about working physical skills through impulses to be performed as poetic actions.

Participants will be introduced to move in a flow through floor and space within approaches and tools which aim to enrich their own physical vocabulary finding the in-between from dance to acrobatics and vice versa.

We will awaken body and senses in a flow of stimuli as invitation to turn, roll, run, jump, fall, sway, slide, etc.

At the same time, we will work on the pelvic center and on an efficient use of physical energy. We’ll introduce rhythmical, spatial elements and strengthen listening skills through partner and group work to get principles for composition and creative physical improvisations.

The elements brought intend to help the performers to get a greater freedom to use what they already know, but also to bring the performer’s body beyond what it’s capable of doing, through specific “Urges to move”.

Objects, elements and device research.

This workshop offers different tools to the physical performer in Circus, Dance or Physical Theatre, for finding and developing an own physical language with a strong physicality, while approaching original researches with objects or apparatus as circus elements or others. We will work enriching rhythm and quality of the performer’s movement, as dramaturgical tools for opening new doors for valuable rich interpretations.

The state’s performer. (Awareness and creative improvisations tools)

This workshop proposes a researching space where awareness becomes impulses, actions and a flow of movement as a physical performative language. Through a flow of stimuli the participants will be invited to rediscover their own skills into physical actions within an organic yet unpredictable compositions individually and in group. It aims balancing the performer’s intuition and calculation in the moment of creation.

Cyr Wheel Workshop.

The Cyr wheel is an acrobatic piece of apparatus, a metallic tube in the shape of a wheel, invented by the circus artist Daniel Cyr.

The cyr wheel allows to perform a virtually endless number of acrobatic figures and sequences. New figures and movements are still been investigated and implemented constantly for the contemporary artists or trainers, thus contributing to enriching the circus vocabulary.

This workshop is aimed to those who want to learn its technical bases or simply try this circus instrument for the first time, but also for those who already have bases and want to improve them, acquire new steps, acrobatics elements and research in movement and improvisation with it. The participant will learn how to structure his own training, which will help him to continue his development during and after the workshop.

There are no prerequisites to learn how to use the cyr wheel, but it is useful to have experience in handling objects, movement, dance, acrobatics, etc.

Let’s move or let’s create something together!